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broken4I have loads to say about my father’s leg amputation last week. My emotions have been all over the place and hours in hospital waiting rooms inspire all sorts of writing ideas. Unfortunately, some of it will have to wait for a bit while I nurse a broken left wrist. Alas, I am but a cliche. I slipped in the tub, and life has just taken a definite change of course.

Typing with one hand isn’t easy, particularly if you’re groggy from pain medication. But trust me, the words are going to find a way out, even if I have to use my voice recognition software.

There are stories to be told – not to mention angst-loaded essays on the Ontario health system.

Watch this space.

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When there’s the possibility of a crisis ahead, we heed the caution signs and square our shoulders to brace for what awaits. Possibilities run through our mind, but they are fleeting. We avert our eyes rather than see the dangers in their entirety. To do so will give them life. We’ve named them, and for now, that is enough.

Fools that we are, we tell ourselves that we are prepared. We aren’t. Recognizing all there is to the danger, looking it squarely in the eye, will always bring a time of stunned silence: that slow-motion sequence where our feet feel leaden and our brains thick with sludge.

I am there now but I will not be there tomorrow. That is when I will write.

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